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Earth Friendly, Farm Friendly Seal of Approval

The Hudson Institute's Center for Global Food Issues (CGFI), in conjunction with independent academic, consumer and farm policy and practice experts, has designed a program of farm and process management practices that are independently verifiable as both farm and environment friendly. CGFI's "Earth Friendly, Farm Friendly" Seal will assure the public that all products that bear the Seal are produced in a manner consistent with the best available scientific, environmental and quality standards and technologies. Unlike other certification programs, like Organic or Humane Farmed, CGFI's Earth Friendly, Farm Friendly Seal is not based on restricting or eliminating farmers' production choices. Our certification program is based on farmer's adoption of environmentally sound and economically sustainable practices while not limiting their freedom to farm.

This seal certifies that products are produced under the best available, scientifically proven and economically sustainable agricultural methods. These techniques have been shown to help conserve or use fewer natural resources, thereby preserving more of nature and earning the approval of independent scientists including Nobel Prize winners. Purchasing products with this seal supports farmers while protecting nature.

Brought to you by The Center for Global Food Issues, this is the only science-based seal of approval that supports both farm economics and protects the environment without added costs to consumers. Endorsed by recognized world leaders in the fields of animal agriculture, veterinary health, conservation and environmental stewardship and backed by published peer-reviewed data.

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